Can you get poison ivy from a dog?

Poison Ivy has never been good for humans who came in contact with them, intentionally or unintentionally. These plants are notorious for delivering itchy rashes that can stay for a while.

Similarly, it is not that good for the man’s best friends either. Though it is not common for dogs to get an allergic reaction from it, in some instances, it can happen. 

It is a rare phenomenon, but it is not entirely impossible. So, owners need to understand the repercussions of such an incident as from this stems a vital question can a dog transfer poison ivy to humans?

Can you get Poison Ivy from a dog?

You can get an infection from your dog with the transfer of urushiol from him.

Urushiol oil is the primary component in poison ivy that triggers this itchy reaction in us, and it is present on the leaves, the stems, and even the berries of a poison ivy plant. 

So, if we go back to the question, can you get poison ivy from a dog? Then the answer will be yes. There is a high chance of it being transmitted to humans from a dog or any other pet.

What steps must you follow after your dog comes in contact with Poison Ivy?

1. Bath Your Dog –

If you think your pet touched the Poison Ivy plant, you must give them a proper bath as soon as possible. Not only can it harm you, but it can also harm the innocent pup, and they will have to deal with a nasty rash if left unchecked.

  • Personal safety is essential, so use gloves and long-sleeved clothes before starting the process.
  •  Rinse your dog thoroughly with clean water.
  •  Now use plenty of pet shampoo on your dog’s coat. A degreasing shampoo or a pet-safe detergent will work wonders in breaking up the oil in the dog’s fur.
  • Then massage it all over your pet, and clean every part of your pet’s coat except for the eyes, ears, and private areas.
  •  Now wash them totally and dry them well.

2. Clean Objects That Your Pet Touched –

The next step would be cleaning everything your dog touched or came in contact with. This must be done so that you or the dog does not get exposed to the harmful urushiol oil.

  •  Again use your gloves and protective gear to wash anything.
  •  Properly clean your dog’s leash with a strong detergent or soap.
  •  If your dog touched his bedding or other fabrics, wash them as soon as possible with proper detergent. Scrub it twice if possible.
  • Clean your pet’s toys as well.

Wrapping It Up – 

Please take things like this seriously, as even a tiny amount of oil can result in a nasty infection for you and your beloved pet. It is always better to wash your pet, their leashes, and your clothes after a walk to avoid contamination. Or try to go on walks in open fields and avoid bushes altogether. 

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