Featuring Tecnu Products for the relief of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac


Poison Oak (Rhus diversiloba), poison ivy (Rhus tocicodendron L.) and poison sumac (Rhus toxicondendron V.) emit the poisonous, oily irritant urushiol (pronounced oo-roo-she-all) on the plant's stem, roots, branches, and leaves. The urushiol chemically "locks on" to skin proteins within 20 minutes after exposure to the plants (including dormant plants or long-dead prunings), contaminated clothes or tools, or even contaminated pets.

Contact with this annoying oil produces a rash in three out of four people. The rash can begin within a few hours after contact, or it can start three to five days later. The rash starts with itchiness and swelling, followed by a reddish inflammation of tiny pimples. Blisters then form and couple in a chain-like reaction. A clear fluid oozes from the blisters. This fluid then hardens to a yellowish crust. Left untreated, the rash (a typical histamine response) will last three to five weeks.

Poison Oak, ivy, sumac and other members by the Rhus family grow in all portions of the North American continent (except Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii) at elevations below 4,000 feet with a rainfall above 8 inches per year. These plants are a significant cause of workers' compensation claims in the United States. They are also the source of considerable distress to outdoor recreationists and hobbyists.

PosionOakandIvy.com features Tec Labs "The Proven Defense" for poison ivy, poison oak and sumac.


Accepted as standard issue by many public utilities, timber companies, the forest service and other outdoor industries, Tec Laboratories' products have been proven effective where it counts. On the job. In the field. In the mountains of the Northwest, the forests of the Northeast and the swamps of the Southeast. Wherever workers come in regular contact with the great outdoors.


Tecnu® -the original Tec product is a unique outdoor skin cleanser that removes plant oils, residue and pitch from skin. Tecnu also cleanses oil from clothing and tools.

CalaGel- A clear, antihistamine gel formula soothes and relieves the irritating itch and rash of poison plants. CalaGel can also be used as a first-aid antiseptic for the relief of sunburn, bug bites and other skin irritants.

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Quick relief products for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac may be found on this site.

We feature Tecnu products. Many Forest services, landscapers use these products because they work!

Online ordering is available.

We recommend that you keep these products on hand. The itch and discomfort may be avoidable if you quickly treat skin exposed by these itch bearing plants.

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