Poison Ivy

Can poison ivy spread on sheets?

There is a high chance of poison ivy transmitting from sheets if it gets in contact with the urushiol oil. How does Poison ivy spread? There is a common myth among people that poison ivy transmits from person to person, but the reality is poison …

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Should I pop Poison Ivy Blisters?

If you’ve ever had your hands or feet covered in poison ivy, then this article is for you. Are you wondering if you should pop the poison ivy blisters? After reading this article, you’ll know what to do and what works best. Popping Poison Ivy …

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Is Poison Ivy Contagious after a Shower?

You discover a blistery rash two days after a picnic. What is it? -You may have a Poison Ivy Infection. This infection occurs because of not an offending chemical or toxin, but rather a resin is known as urushiol (oo-Roo-Sheol). This allergen, or chemical that …

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