Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Sumac create urushiol, a major irritant or skin allergy that make you miserable. Many of the products listed on this page can help relieve the symptoms of urushiol. In addition we have products to help repel insects.    

Helps prevent Poison Ivy, Poison Oak & Sumac*

Nutrishield Insect Repellent

Nutri Shield™ Insect Repellent, A natural shield of protection from painful insect bites.

Poison Oak/Ivy

Poison Oak/Ivy
Designed to alleviate immediate symptoms of poison oak and poison ivy.

Hylands Poison/Oak

Hyland's Poison Ivy/OaK, relief for Itching, Burning and Crusting Skin Due to Exposure to Poison Ivy or Oak.*

Hylands Poison/Oak

Nighty-Nite's Beg Bug Eliminator kills bed bugs and eggs on contact!*

*In stock. Online ordering is available.

We recommend that you keep these products on hand. The itch and discomfort from poison ivy, poison oak and sumac, may be avoidable if you quickly treat skin exposed by these itch bearing plants.